The Legend Told

Before the time of man, Elder Gods were amongst the sole occupancy of time and space. The Elder Gods created the realms which teamed with life, to monitor that which was theirs the Elders formed the Gods and Astral children. In the bliss and serenity of the realms grew a desire of arrogance and pride. Shinnok sought after the realms and power for himself, He used the Astral Lords as pawns to execute his plan and lured the Astral Lord Gargos into becoming his scapegoat. In their corruption the Astral Lords rebelled against the Elder Gods. War broke out in the cosmos, The Elder Gods put down the rebellion and forced Gargos into exile to remain in the astral plane never to take physical form again along with those who followed him. In his isolation, Gargos grew hateful of earth, the realm that he was once appointed to monitor now stripped and given to Raiden. Gargos enraged and vengeful grew a desire to destroy that which was taken from him.

Shinnok’s yearning for power would not be slain and once again attempted to take Earth realm but was defeated by the Elder Gods and Raiden thus banished to the Netherealm. As a result of Shinnok’s betrayal, Mortal Kombat tournament was created as a safeguard to ensure the realms protection from unjust invasions. The world moved on from the knowledge of the ancient ways into the technological revolution which hailed the creation of Ultratech corporation, a humanitarian organization working towards the betterment of all humankind. In secret, Ultratech works with a private benefactor out of Shadaloo in research and development into the ancient world and powers to harness for the betterment/evolution of mankind. Using a terrorist group known as the Black Dragon as pawns, Ultratech prototype weaponry and geno-manipulation projects are tested in pursuit of the evolutionary factor. Ultratech’s research into mystic arts which would eventually awaken Kan-Rah in an attempt to harness the mystics and revolutionize humanities pursuit of immortality.


Kan-Rah’s resurrection left his magic unstable and a gateway was breached between earth and the astral plane where Gargos now freed set his sight on conquering earth realm. All the while Quan-Chi manipulated the tournaments for their benefit of resurrecting their master. Raiden’s forces lost many warriors in the struggle to stop Outworld from invasion of earth realm. But the victory would be short lived as Shinnok escaped the Neatherrealm and waged war against earth realm. Fighters and protectors of earth battled on two fronts against Shinnok and Gargos and eventually won but earth was changed and ravaged.

Now the Gods and mystics sense a new threat arising, one that is gaining power and draining energy from astrals and gods alike. Raiden has lost many of his champions of earth and pursues new fighters to defend earth realm. Raiden seeks to recruit other champions not yet proven in Mortal Kombat but are Street Fighters with Killer Instincts! Meanwhile in the realm of Darkness, Jedah Dohma is secretly harnessing the dark magic from earth realm. Recruited by Shinnok, Jedah will use this power to build a gateway freeing Shinnok from the Neatherrealm. Unknown to Shinnok, Jedah Dohma plans on using this newly harnessed power to bring Shinnok and Gargos into reality and while in their weakened state, strip them of their essence and power. Jedah Dohma plans to use this alliance to collapse all the realms barriers and unite them under one consciousness in his image.

As enemies turn to allies and allies to enemies, Khan-Rah now embarks to ascertain knowledge of the source of the magic attack with the help of Jago. Meanwhile Raiden is in route to recruit a young champion by the name of Ryu in his effort to rebuild earth’s mightiest warriors. Elsewhere, M. Bison assembles his army to destroy Aria which used the tests subject He supplied for his super solider project for her own agenda.

Will Raiden assemble his forces in time before Jedah embarks on his quest for oblivion of all realms? Will Jago side with former enemies to confront the unknown assailant? Will M. Bison’s war on Aria and Ultratech be halted against the oncoming destruction Jedah and his Darkstalkers bring?

Fan fiction story by Javier G Correa