a Fett v Cad Bane: Kill the Riddick

While the Galaxy is all but secure in the regime of the Emperor, knowledge is disclosed of a growing force beyond the outer rim and far from the grasp of the Emperor. With whispers of an army of an Underverse, the Emperor sets in motion a covert recon/assassination mission of the head of this new power. Enter The Riddick, last of the Furians. After the betrayal at the hands of Vaako, Riddick lost his seat to the rule of the Necromongers. His recent escape from a planet on which left for dead, now seeks to reclaim what was his.

The Emperor tasks Lord Vader to ensure the fall of this new power. Vader organizes meetings with bounty hunters from across the known galaxy to uncover ruler of the Necromongers and eliminate them. The search of information begins, far off into the unknown systems out of reach of the Empire. Through fear and ruthlessness, Boba Fett gathers leads pointing him to the galactic criminal Riddick while on New Mecca of the Helion System. Boba Fett discovers intel of a distress beacon which was from a baron planet in which Riddick used to lure bounty hunters and escaped with their ship. But now Boba Fett is made aware of Cad Bane is also in close pursuit of the prize!

Meanwhile Riddick follows the path of fallen systems by the Necromongers and comes to the planet Elmiron, which is under siege by Vaako. Riddick finds himself allying with a ghost from his past, Captain Fry. Madelyn Fry, Carolyn Fry’s sister, has been determined to push back the oncoming attacks. To her shock, the story unfolds about her sister’s disappearance and Riddick offers his help in return for Carolyn’s sacrifice. The trap is set and the snare is placed, Vaako takes the bait lured off planet in pursuit of Riddick and a team of resistance fighters to an uncharted planet in ruins. All the while Cad Bane is following quickly onto Riddick’s trail from the movements of the Necromonger army bringing him to Elmiron and following close behind.

Now the stakes just got higher as two of the deadliest hunters have touched down planet side and are not leaving without Riddick dead! With the bounty hunters and Vaako closing in, Riddick and Madelyn come to terms that this will be their last stand. Through the loud thunder, the thought suddenly sinks into a pit of Riddick’s stomach as familiar sounds creep up from the distance. Riddick finds himself on a planet with two former foes which he barely escaped with his life. With the sun setting and the rain oncoming, the battle for throne and bounty now turns to a battle for survival.

Can Riddick and Madelyn outlast the stormy night and manage to fend off the beasts that come with it? Will Vaako and his army be able to ride the threat of Riddicks rule of the Necromongers in time to make it off planet before they too become ghosts? Will Boba Fett and Cad Bane fight to the death in an attempt to claim the bounty over Riddick, or will they find themselves allying with each other to make it off this rock? Does the Empire face a New threat with the rise of Vaako or Riddick in the rule of the Necromongers, or will they rid themselves of the Underverse threat along with the infamous galactic criminal known as Riddick once and for all?

Fan fiction story by Javier G Correa