Robocop vs Judge Dredd: Fall of Justice

Mega City One! Where crime and law was kept in check and balance by the judges, is now on the edge of plunging into anarchy. With the judicial system ineffective, the Hall of Justice turns to one man, newly elected Chief Judge Jones. With his radical new policy to bring peace, implementing temporary suspension of all liberties and civil rights, the Judges now enforce oppression at the will of a one man. Tensions arise among the Law Givers and once brothers in arms now enemies of Mega City One. Lines are drawn as a radical group infamously known as the Insurrectionist formed of judges has risen up to bring back the voice of the people. Taking control of the city underground, the Insurrectionist have allied themselves with the criminal element to gain power over the city and overthrow the system that now stands in the place of Justice. With demand for action to be taken, Chief Judge Jones has tasked Judge Dredd to dispose of the group known as the Insurrectionist. All the while Dredd himself struggling with his personal sense of moral, questioning the System in which these orders are being given from.

With both sides taking losses at what can only be described as a civil war, the Insurrectionist turned to a new weapon. Digging into the Justice system archives they stumble across a weapons program by a private corporation, OCP! Locked away for decades, the Hall of Justice founders recovered Robocop and had him tucked away in a bunker for a contingency plan. Now revived by the Insurrectionists into this new world, Robocop will find that the Law which he once stood for is not as clear as he knew it to be. In this new world, Robocop will struggles to understand what makes us free? What makes us human? He must go up against what He has always known and upheld, the Law! That law now has a new face, Judge Dredd.

Behind these two power factions lies hidden agendas, individuals who mask their ideas in hopes of fulfilling their desires of bringing Mega City One into the rule of a Monarch or purge the city of its unworthy allowing the privileged to inherit Mega City One for a better future. All the while using the people as pawns in the bigger scheme. Will Robocop and Dredd unknowingly take part in this web of events to bring Mega City One down in ruin? Or will they uncover the strings of their puppeteer’s deceit and work together to bring law, order and justice back to the people of Mega City One?

Fan fiction by Javier G Correa