Star Wars vs AvP Universe: Life in the balance!

With the destruction of the DeathStar, the Empire skirmishes to seize its grip on the galaxy. Dr. Cross, a Chief Scientist, once on a mission to exploration now brings back evidence of a biological substance of unknown origin with the potential to eliminate a planets populace thus ridding the opposition while preserving the planets wealth. The Empire desperately holding onto control now seeks out a new weapon to oppress the galaxy under its rule. Dr. Cross had once dreamed of revolutionizing the meaning of creation and evolution with his findings has now forfeited his work to the Empire for military application. Dr. Cross now ordered to set out and retrieve sufficient samples from the planet on which this weapon was discover, the very planet on which He debriefed of a sentient horde of darkness that covered the planet from which he nearly escaped from.

Dissention rising within the Empire, Master and Apprentice at odds, and a galaxy divided. Vader growing more apprehensive of the Emperor after the failure of the DeathStar and the attack on his life. From the debriefing of the Alien Horde, Vader reflects on an encounter with a malevolent species whose sole purpose for hate and destruction rivaled that of any Sith. Vader, now with the opportunity to seize this creature, seeks to mount a weapon for his own bidding to dethrone the Emperor. Vader brings under his employment the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett commissioned with the task of coercing The Wraiths, specialized beast wranglers, into the employment of Vader. Their mission, to capture what Vader believes be the answer to gaining power over the galaxy. All the while the Empire is made known of a possible traitor who has been aiding the Rebellion giving them the location to this bioweapon.

Thus the race commences to retrieve this sought after weapon to gain the upper hand in the war. Unknown to Boba Fett his target has already been eyed as prey by another hunter in the universe who is looking to collect not a bounty but a trophy. Dr. Cross on planet side discovers a Derelict and finds an ancient slumbered being who now awakens with an unfinished mission of his own.

Will Dr. Cross be able to steal the bioweapon from under the Engineer and be the unwitting figure that brings The Empire absolute dominance over the galaxy? Or does Lord Vader’s scheme bring forth an end to The Emperor’s regime. Will Boba Fett be successful in his commission from Darth Vader, or will capturing an Alien and now battling the Predator be more than what he bargained for? Does the rebellion acquire the weapon in order to bring peace while placing themselves in the same position of the Emperor, who brings peace through destruction and oppression?

Fan fiction story by Javier G Correa