The Futures’ not set: Cylon vs Terminator

The year is 2029, the machine’s grip on the future is all but absolute. Skynet’s continuing attempts to alter the present by manipulating key points in the past have become futile. The machines set their focus on the war at hand and their new found priority has gained them momentum. Connor finds himself at a stalemate and the tide can tilt at any second in the machines’ favor. What remains of humanities science division purposes what Connor can never bring himself to do. A surrender, the abandonment of earth…

What remained of the top minds of the 21st century now have revealed hidden information since the 1970s of the UFO crashing of Roswell New Mexico. With the theory of habitable planets based on information gathered from the extraterrestrial ship, the Science division comes to a conclusion. Using the time displacement device Skynet has created, mankind can wield it to make a last ditch effort and explore the cosmos to an unknown planet and take its chances on an uncharted world.

The voyage a success, but their new world Kobol has punished man and consequently, the elements have forced them to earn the right to call the new planet home. Time is lost, mankind’s knowledge of Earth soon became fairytale and its history along with it. As they built upon the ruins of an ancient reptilian race, mankind thrived and pushed out to the surrounding planets to form 13 colonies with the aid of a cybernetic labor force. However, lurking in the deep of space, a malevolent force draws closer to take back their former master’s territories.

Mankind would not enjoy the spoils of peace forever, soon the colonies were under attack by an invading army of robotic beings. In a desperate attempt to save the colonies, mankind reprogramed their labor force into soldiers to combat the invaders. Something goes wrong, as history often repeats itself, the cybernetic lifeform nodes developed their own intelligence and saw the world of man as unworthy of life and turned on their creators. Mankind left their home in search of their lost fabled Earth.

As despair set in and hope was lost, against all odds the BattleStar Galactica found their ancient home Earth. But it was not the utopia that stories were told of but a world of turmoil and devastation. In the midst of chaos the crew make contact with life, human life, The Resistance. Connor and Commander Adama trade history of their peoples past to present time. Connor now realizes that they are the decedents of a people who have not yet traveled through time and space. Before long The BattleStar Galactica’s pursuers find their way to earth. Connor and Commander Adama now face enemies on two fronts, Skynet and the Cylons.

Will Earth be left to the machines? Can Connor and Adama defend against the Cylons and the Terminators? Will Skynet and the Cylons work together against their common foe or will they both view each other as potential threats. With a new enemy born of his decision, does Connor allow his people to leave earth and inevitably bring the Cylons to his front door? Does Connor risk the lives of his people in the present along with the potential outcome of the war? Or will the weight of Connors decision force him to erase from existence thousands of generations of people to undo the Cylon invasion? Who will the Earth belong to in the end?

Fan fiction story by Javier G Correa