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Hello, just a little bit about how this site came to be and the purpose of it. Myself, like many others, am an avid comic reader, gamer player (use) and movie fanatic. I’ve always been fascinated with pop culture icons, particularly mashups and crossovers have always been my passion. I remember one of the first comic books growing up that reeled me into being a frequent reader was Batman vs Predator. I was amazed that this type of thing could actually happen, watching Batman the animated series religiously and Predator being my all-time favourite icon, I couldn’t believe these two could coexist in the same reality.

That is where my passion for short stories began. I’ve always loved the crossovers of the 90s and all the way up to now 2018. I have to say though I find the portal to another dimension gimmick used very often to bridge two universes together. I do understand for continuity of main character arches for these stories to be one-shots as well as different distribution companies and so forth. In some cases, there is no other alternative to use this safeguard due to the nature of characters. However, I have always admired when two characters stories and background are somehow meshed together to exist in the same universe and not neglecting canon but able to manipulate a single crossover event into both characters mythos and being able to move forward without having to consider that specific story an “else world” or “what if” event.

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