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Special thanks to Jyoti “Goldi” Sharma and Emphibians Inc. on the development of this website. If you like their work please feel free to contact at info@emphibians.com or check out their site @ https://emphibians.com


Special Thanks to………

Denni Andria Toni, illustrator for; Predator vs Boba Fett, Darth Vader vs Engineer and Aliens vs Stormtroopers. https://www.artstation.com/denniandria
Ferry Susanto, illustrator for Robocop vs Judge Dredd. https://ferryo.deviantart.com/
Raciel Avila Silva, illustrator for Subzero vs Cinder. https://racielavila.artstation.com/
Jaka Prawira, illustrator for Predator vs Fulgore. https://ronniesolano.deviantart.com/
Dyana Wang, illustrator for Boba Fett vs Cad Bane vs Riddick. https://dyanawang.deviantart.com/
Dough Saquic illustrator and Jessica Gaude Colorist for Freddy Krueger vs Maleficent. https://destinyfall.deviantart.com/ https://dougsq.deviantart.com
Eugene Gore illustrator for Predator vs Engineer vs Neomorph. junkome.deviantart.com/
Sam Delatorre illustrator for Aliens vs Bioshock. samdelatorre.deviantart.com/
Jean-Pascal Kegle illustrator for Scorpion vs Glacius. jpkegle.deviantart.com/
Marcus Smith illustrator for Cylon vs Terminator. themasman.themasman.deviantart.com/.